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¬†Undoubtedly, the medical industry has a special place among the country’s industries .Very good value added, high job creation, especially for the elite and efficient people; be appropriate competitive potency in quality and price can be considered as one of the characteristics of this industry .Medical science has been able to rely on modern tools in the field of monitoring, diagnosis and treatment to achieve much progress that Undoubtedly the development of medical tools cause improve the quality and increase the reliability and Treatment would be better.

Medical engineering company Arj with the mission of producing and distributing medical equipment and consumer goods for hospital to the arena Medical equipment has been entered. The company’s vision, Earn Highest Rating medical equipment manufacturer is in year 1396.

Company objectives this year the to diversify products and market development Has been set. Due to the extensive and rapid changes in the business market and direction competition with products of poor external quality; The company Move in the direction organizational excellence and increase productivity on its basis and By improving processes Target in at reducing finish cost and increase the quality of its products with provide products with excellent quality and The price is right , increased customer satisfaction and consumers  And  worthy place in this industry Achieved.